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How my Mac helps me stay organized

I recently purchased a new Mac for home use.  It is my second Mac and being the organizing dork that I am, I am a huge fan of some of the new software features.

New iPhoto has Face recognition.  So, after "training" it to recognize faces, it tags each photo with the people who are in it.  So, now when I am looking for that photo of me and my mom for a project, instead of searching years and folders, I simply type in a name and it pulls all of the photos up.  I love this feature! 


I saw the program called Bento in the Apple store.  I decided I would wait a little while to buy it, but over the holidays, the urge kicked in and I bought it online.   What I have found most helpful is organizing my recipes.  I scanned photos of my cards and then was able to import them into the program so they are now searchable!  So, if chicken is on sale at the grocery store, I just type in "chicken" and all of my dishes pop up. 


What things have you done to get organized digitally this year?   Do you have any additional organizing software tricks that you can teach me?

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