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Laundry Closet & Washer!

I decided to organize my laundry room.  My main focus was the closet in my laundry room which also becomes a "utility room for supplies" for my home.  I hadn't looked at this closet since we moved in over 6 years ago, so it was definitely time for this project too!

 Well, not only did I purge "stuff" I haven't used in 6 years – although I kept trying to talk myself into the "what if" but decided it was better to purge and if I really needed it, I could go ahead and buy it when the time was right.  (My gut tells me that if I didn't use it for 6 years, I won't be needing it.)  So my closet is organized, but I did find something that I didn't realize needed to be done in 6 years – wipe down the insides of the washer's detergent dispenser – EEK!  The mold build up below and behind it – who knew!  Now I have to say that it is ALL CLEAN and FRESH along w/ an organized closet that works for me.  Do you know to even check this?? 

IMG_4270 IMG_4272 


As a treat to myself I took my son to a local children's museum and we had a total blast together.  That was my treat for the week in accomplishing my goals in getting things done around the house. 

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