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This is a guest post from Rubbermaid Employee Lisa Rector who works in Channel Marketing. Be sure to give her a warm welcome!

Having multiple sized glass containers available for re-heating leftovers or for serving foods sounds awesome!  There are so many uses for these containers, and I love the idea of going back to really durable containers.  Plastic is functional and it gets the job done, but glass is classier for serving and equally as important, it doesn’t feel disposable at all. Now I won’t just decide not to wash a container and throw it away.  Goodbye to feeling guilty about the environmental impacts of my laziness! 

Nevertheless, I did have one concern…fitting more containers in my pantry.  I live in an urban area and space is limited in my condo so organization is important.  I try my best, but as you can see…there is definitely room for improvement! 

Even though my pantry is not organized as well as it could be, I think I can still find room for these glass containers. 

Let’s see….

That was really EASY!  They fit anywhere since they nest inside each other and the lids also stack nicely.  Other glass dishes definitely don’t store as well.  I can’t wait to start using these!

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One Response to I HOPE I HAVE ROOM!

  1. Mary Bearden June 5, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    Networking Witches sent me over to take a look around and check out your new products and I am loving what I see so far. Great ideas, new ways to cook! Thanks.

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