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Moving – Framing Up the Situation

I love photos.  I fill my home with them because I like to remember certain special times with people.  I always tried to select my most favorite memory.  Example:  instead of having 12 different photos as a bridesmaid with friends getting married, I selected my favorite particular occasion with them.

  • With one of my girl friends,  I picked when we went on our trip to Italy – my first trip to Europe, sitting in a little cafe in Venice.  It reminds me of how happy I was to do that trip and really enjoying that super-expensive gelato.
  • With my niece, I picked one of her laughing in the hammock, because it brings back the fun of that day.

Now that I am getting married and consolidating homes, it occured to me that:

1) We won't have room for the 72 frames i have in my house in our 1 Bedroom Swiss apartment

2) He might like me to have some of his mixed in too – first law of combining homes!

So, I had him fill a memory stick of his favorite photos with family, friends and memories.  I went through my photos and did the same.  I was careful to try to pick more group fun photos versus having so many. I also picked some new ones since  a lot of mine hadn't changed.   I then printed them and selected 20 favorite frames in styles we liked to pack.   here is a little snapshot of the project.


To those folks who share homes, what else do i need to think about?   I know clothing/closets, but am waiting until the last minute to focus on that one!!!


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2 Responses to Moving – Framing Up the Situation

  1. lauren April 8, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Hi Alice. I am not familiar with that product, which makes me think it might have been discontinued if it has been a few years.
    Do you remember where you saw it? Or perhaps a name or color? That might help ring a bell and I can ask around the office if anyone recalls.

  2. April 8, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Where can I find in Spokane, WA, a bench/shoe rack that you had a few year back?

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