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Pantry Snack Organization Tip

Melissa, aka the Consumer Queen, recently organized her pantry and shared the video she made of the results. Her pantry looks great and she took advantage of a lot of space in her pantry going to waste by adding some of the new Rubbermaid pantry organization products (which you can check out here).

Consumerqueenpantry However, the coolest thing she did was adding one of those over the door shoe holders to the back of the pantry door. In the pockets designed for shoes, she put indvidually wrapped snacks for her family (e.g. bags of chips, crackers, bars, etc.). I LOVED this idea. What a clever way to use the back of the pantry door, get all those little items off the pantry shelves to make room for cooking supplies and make it easy and quick for her children and husband to grab something to eat (without messing up the rest of her pantry). BRILLANT.

Be sure to watch her video below:


Thanks Melissa for letting me share this tip to our blog readers!

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One Response to Pantry Snack Organization Tip

  1. Professiongal May 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    This is an awesome idea! I’ll have to suggest this to my office admin. We have a snack room, and she understandably hates the mess that comes along with people sifting through snacks on the shelves when deciding what to eat. Great post!

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