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Green Means Go

So, one of the tips I learned from our professional organizer friends is to use visual cues to help you organize.   Example….for kids, use photos so they can easily identify contents.  For office, label file folders and tabs certain colors so it becomes easier to recognize things you need based on first sight.  For putting things away, give everyone a different color bin.

I used this principle in my upcoming move.   We have many types of things I am sorting through:

  • Things that definitely go to Switzerland with us for sure (special framed pictures – see earlier post, medicine, favorite cooking utentils & plates, clothing)
  • Things that might go to Switzerland once we see how tiny our apartment is (armoire, side tables, extra bed)
  • Things that stay in the U.S. in our storage unit (my entire servingware collection – won't have enough room for dinner guests!, specialty cookware, all appliances since they won't work, my coffeetable that my fiance dislikes, etc)
  • Things that need to go to our parents for safe-keeping (scrapbooks, special files that could need to be accessed)
  • Things to give to others before we leave (mothers day presents, present for a friend, tools for fiance's Dad) and donations

I adopted a color coded post it system.  Green means go, red means stay, and yellow means maybe.  Everything that goes to someone else, I have quarantined in the hall closet so it doesn't get accidentally packed up.    This way, it helps me understand what thing I need to still decide on.  When the movers come, hopefully it will be easier for them too.


What things do you color code?  It doesn't have to be for moving….


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One Response to Green Means Go

  1. Grace September 12, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    I wish I had done this when I moved last weekend! Instead I just bounced from wall to wall, staring at stuff and trying to remember what I wanted to do with each item

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