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Roughneck Shed = Happy Family

Greg and Rachel are dear friends who got a Roughneck shed last winter. Below is what Greg has to say about their new shed. Here is the pic of the shed in their backyard.


“As new homeowners, my wife and I didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.  We had to combine two households into one. This meant most of her stuff went into the living room and mine into the garage.  As we unloaded and settled into our home; our garage became a catch-all for random objects and garden tools. It quickly went from a useful space; to a room jam-packed with stuff.  And it even became dangerous with flammable paints, gas cans and motor oil.

But things really changed once our family began to grow. To our delight, my wife got pregnant.  And with her belly, her sense of smell also began to grow. She had always had reservations about keeping gasoline in the garage, which was located in a close proximity to our hotwater heater. My beautiful wife tends to worry about disasters of all kinds; man-made and natural. So between her improved olfactory sense, her concern about explosions and the sweltering summer heat which made my gas powered equipment stink; we decided that we needed a shed.

It was a perfect fix for all our problems. We needed more storage anyways.  We had lawn mowers, weed whackers, chainsaws and rarely-used mountain bikes that needed new homes. Not to mention the hated gas can. I can’t even tell you how many times she would chase me down to close the door leading to the garage because of the smell. Now I don’t mean to downplay the possibility of disaster; but I am pretty sure we were safe. But in the end, we all would be happy. To the internet and the hardware stores we went.

Researching a shed was challenging. We needed something that was cosmetically appealing first and foremost. It had to have enough storage space, but we didn’t need to live in it. We decided we wouldn’t need electricity either. So it really just needed to be a weather-resistant box in our backyard. I found the difference in the price of sheds to be quite amazing. Some were as low as $500, but all the way up to several thousand. We were decided price and quality were important. But the price mattered most.

In the end, the Rubbermaid products seems to satisfy both the size, quality and price needs. We felt of all the composite sheds; the Rubbermaid appeared to be the highest quality. My wife loves reading online reviews, and she agreed that the Rubbermaid was the way to go.

Installation was fairly easy. The most challenging part was leveling the ground. But after that, construction was reasonable. My father-in-law and I were able to put it up in a few short hours; while only making one mistake. We forgot a small bracket, but it was easily fixed and we moved on. The most difficult part was pulling the roof down to meet the upright supports. I felt the tool that was provided was nearly useless as it did not provide any grip or traction. I had to press down on the roof from outside while my father-in-law attempt to secure it from below. This was frustrating, but nothing too much to complain about.

But since we erected the shed, we are even happier. Since the shed was put up; we cleaned out the garage, installed some handy rubbermaid shelves and had a baby girl. Life is good. We love our Rubbermaid Roughneck Shed and it has tolerated several North Carolina storms without problem!”

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