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Media Storage with Bento

Allyson, who works in our finance department, was one of the first people in the office to receive some of the Bento containers! She decided to use the X-Large Bento container and X-Large Topper to organize her son's gaming equipment.

She went from this



Allison-gaming-before-topdown Allison-gaming-topper Allison-gaming-after

Here are her thoughts:

Conversion of my son’s video games, controllers and systems from out in sight and in a clear container to beautifully concealed in plain sight in a Bento XL.  I really like that the tray holds the Wii and PS2 and can stay plugged in on top, one Bento space popped out holds controllers, rest of space holds games.

Also important to note, this use has been a sustainable form of organization – training my husband and son to be neat can be challenging, but both have been able to maintain the organization – it seems to work well for them and is not difficult for them to maintain.

Let us know what you think of the transformation!

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