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Organize your disks, cables & cords

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Tiffany Engler from Your Life Organized, LLC.

Let’s face it, in this age of technology most of us have a drawers, boxes or even rooms full of gadgets, cords, cables, disks and who knows what! Like paper, the technology somehow makes its way in to our home and we
don’t even realize it until it starts to take over.

Below are some tips to turn your piles of techie stuff into order. Let’s start with your disks.

Tour your home and gather all of the loose disks you can find. Then begin sorting your disks into the following categories:

  • Adult Music
  • Kid’s Music
  • Video’s for Adults
  • Kid’s Video’s
  • Computer Games
  • Operating System
  • Documents
  • Software
  • Professional Development (School/Resume)

(Keep in mind if your spouse is the techie in the family make sure you get him or her to help.)Cd Storage
My favorite disk storage solution is the classic binder, as pictured here. Count how many disks you have in each category and get the right amount of binders to hold what you have – leaving room for additions. In general most families of four can get away with having one 96-capacity album for their computer disks. And most families need a 140 capacity album for movies and 200 capacity album for music. Also keep in mind that you will probably want the kids entertainment separate from the adult entertainment.

Moving on to your cables and cords.

Like your disks, go through your home and collect your cables and cords into once place and start sorting them into the following categories:

    • Computer
    • TV/Media
    • Camera
    • Camera – Video
    • Phone
    • Music
    • Head Phones
    • Power Cables
    • Component Cable

Cord StorageIf you don’t know what it is, put it to the side for review at the end. Once you have identified each cable, place it in a plastic zipper bag and write what it is on the outside of the bag. You will probably need quart and gallon size
bags. Splurge on the bags that zip – they will be easier to use.

Consider placing the manuals inside the bags. For instance, if you have an iPhone you could place all the accessories and instructions into one bag and write “iPhone” on the outside of the bag to keep everything together. Keep the bags in a larger container or bin for easy retrieval.


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