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I’m a media specialist and we have 18 MP3 players that need to be organized. They’re currently dumped in a drawer. Any thoughts?

The first question is why do you have 18 MP3 players? If possible, pick your favorite one for every member of the household and sell or donate the rest if they are in working condition. You might even keep one extra in case someone’s breaks or is out of batteries.

To organize them,  pair each MP3 player with all of it’s cords and other peripherals (headphones, speakers). Next, decide if you want them hidden (drawer or cabinet) or out where you can see them.

If you want them in a drawer – use modular drawer organizers to hold each mp3 player, it’s cords, and headphones. You might even keep them in a baggie in the drawer if rarely used.  Label the bottom of the organizer in some way so each one has a spot such as “Laura’s ipod.”

If you like to keep them on a shelf, you might like to use a silverware caddy to keep each ipod and its cords grouped in the silverware compartments.

I like to save drawer space and use the walls for storage. I keep MP3’s in a clear-pocketed shoe bag. Each device gets a pocket. Cords can share a pocket if they’re used with multiple devices.

Or if you want things hidden, use a canvas shoe bag. You can label each pocket to device have a clearly marked home.

Earbuds and cords can go into another pocket after being wrapped around a cord organizer of some kind. (Try the Apple Core Cord Organizers)

Another thing that can really be helpful is to label all the cords with masking tape or a label maker so you know which device it charges.

If the cord is black and has a converter box, you can also write on the box with silver Sharpie pens.

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One Response to I’m a media specialist and we have 18 MP3 players that need to be organized. They’re currently dumped in a drawer. Any thoughts?

  1. Jennifer Niksich December 20, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    The question was sent from a media specialist or in other words a librarian. He/she cannot get rid of any of the mp3 players. If anything he/she might even need more in order to have a set available for whole classes to use. Classroom or library organization needs have to be modified from home organizational needs. The first question is whether the students will be getting and putting away the mp3 players or not. I do like the idea of using multiple silverware caddies. With 18 mp3 players it might be reasonable to store the headphones and mp3 players in separate organizers.

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