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My daughter has about 25 barbies and lots of stuff. I need a way to organize them with all the assorted shoes, etc. Any thoughts?

When thinking of storage options for your child’s Barbie collection, you’ll want to make sure you include her in the organizing process. That way, she’ll have a sense of ownership and be more likely to keep up the system. One of the most important questions to ask her is how would she like the clothes and accessories organized. By outfit, color, type of clothing, shape of items? Remember, organizing is not one size fits all and if you want your children to pick up after themselves, the system has to be how they would organize.

A great way to help corral all of the extras in one spot is utilizing an over-the-door shoe organizer. Make sure you pick up the clear option so that your daughter can see what’s stored inside. The pockets are also large enough for Barbie to live when not in use.

Most home improvement stores or a quick search online will display smaller versions of the over-the-door shoe organizer if your daughter can’t access all of the pockets. You can hang the mini version on a wall at an appropriate height or on the inside of the door (towards the middle).

Plastic drawer units work best if you don’t have wall or door space to spare. These drawer units can easily live on the floor of a closet or in the corner of a child’s room. Again, clear is best and inexpensive drawer organizers will keep everything neat and tidy.

I also like the idea of using a container reserved for hardware bits and pieces. It’s compact and the drawers are just the right size for a particular category of Barbie accessories. And with all these options, don’t forget to label each compartment. That way, everyone is on board with where things live—even visiting friends will be able to help put things away.

Beth Zeigler knew she was on an organizing path when at the age of 5 she was maximizing her closet space to function as a second bedroom for her dolls. Throw in her background of delegating tasks to her younger brother throughout childhood–and her transition to organizing developed quite organically. Check out her web site at Bneato!

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