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How do I store yarn, fabric & art supplies but keep it easy to get to?

How you store your yarn, fabric, and other art supplies has a lot to do with how much you own.

For the casual user, there are some storage systems that are very simple and attractive and even fun!

When you own a lot of anything, it becomes more complicated to store and requires more categorization and of course more containers.


If you like to have several colors of yarn on hand, consider using a system of cubbies like the ones used to store shoes.

You can put one color in each cubbie. Shoe cubbies, wine storage units, and other divided spaces work well for organizing in this way.

As you get more and more yarn, you may decide to use  larger bins or shelves to store it. You can sub-sort your yarn by color or type of yarn.


Wine Rack for storage from

Photo from
















A shoe bag can also hold small amounts of yarn.

Shoebags for yarn storage from Robknits

If you are a bigger yarn collector consider shelf storage on bookshelves or divide shelves like Ikea’s Expidite series.

Ikea Expidit for Yarn from Tako Fibers


Fabric can also be stored, folded in expedit. Each cubbie can hold a different color or fabric type.
Fold neatly.

You can also use a bin inside a cubbie to store fabric scraps that are large enough to use.


Expidit for Fabric from Fibermania


If you don’t have much fabric at any one time you can also hang it in a nearby closet or on a standing hanging rack.

Art supplies are fun to store in open containers on any countertop or table. Or use a turning kitchen tool organizer to hold your brushes, scissors, markers and other supplies.

Or try the upcycled pampered chef caddies at

upcycled kitchen tool spinner on from All That Scrap


Another options is to get a bunch of  cool containers and put them on a turntable or two for easy access.

7 Cool Containers for Art Supplies:

Decorated aluminum cans from Etsy store Making Time TC

  • Repurposed aluminum cans covered in contact paper, painted, wrapped in twine, or decorated in any way you like
  • Canning Jars
  • Flower pots
  • Vase with coffee beans – allows your brushes, pens, pencils to stand up
  • Vase with river rocks
  • Funky Mugs
  • Repurposed spaghetti jars

Keep less attractive supplies in drawers.

You can also get creative by putting  up some peg board and hanging some  tools such as scissors.


— Allison

Allison Carter likes fun and funky organizing. She is a creative, right brainer and thinks it is more fun to organize if you love how your space looks. So she utilitzes color, shape, pattern and texture to keep herself and her stuff organized. Check out her web site at The Professional Organizer!

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