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5 Ways to Make Garage Organization F-U-N!

The garage often gets overlooked when it comes to getting organized (mainly because no one spends time in this room) but it’s need for operating efficiently is paramount. It’s also the dirtiest part of the house and things tend to pile up here so it’s super important to make this organizing project fun. That way the entire family will look forward to getting this space under control.

Use chalk to label the sidewalk As you’re pulling everything out of the garage, get the kids involved and ask them to create labels for the piles of things you empty from the garage. Using chalk will be a change of pace from using traditional labels and it teaches kids from a young age how to identify ‘like groupings.’

Play music and take breaks Keep the energy up and the vibe light by playing everyone’s favorite tunes. Each family member should create a 45 minute playlist and once it’s over, that’s your cue to take a break. Stock up on yummy snacks and drinks so that the day is really a treat.

Rainy Day Fund Make sure to have a “to-sell” pile for Craigslist or a future yard sale. Any proceeds will go to taking the family out to dinner or a group outing. You’ll be more willing to part with the extraneous stuff if there’s a reward attached to letting it go.

Buzz Word Decide on a ‘buzz word’ for the day, such as ‘garage.’ Anytime someone says the the buzzword they add a marble (or something else on hand) to their pre-determined container. The person with the least amount of marbles in their container at the end of the day gets to delegate a chore for one week to someone else.

Zoning Rules For the stuff that’s staying, create zones that each family member must maintain and keep organized. Each month, if that space is kept up to par, the person in charge of that zone gets something in return. Some ideas are deciding what dinner will be that evening or coming up with a silly ceremony that celebrates their neatness.

How you make organizing the garage an activity the entire family will look forward to? Let’s hear some ideas in the comment section below!

Beth Zeigler knew she was on an organizing path when at the age of 5 she was maximizing her closet space to function as a second bedroom for her dolls. Throw in her background of delegating tasks to her younger brother throughout childhood–and her transition to organizing developed quite organically. Check out her web site at Bneato!

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