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Bento Brainstorming On The Move Container

Office Supplies On The Move

A couple weeks ago, while I was drowning in email, I hear an excited “Erin!” I look up to see an ecstatic, proud Joyce.

“I have to show you something,” she said while setting a container down on my desk.

I sighed internally. Seriously, she had a box…

But then she took off the top…

The box was actually Bento and inside she had used smaller Bento boxes and Flex Dividers to create an organized, traveling brainstorming supply box! Angels started singing, a crowd was clapping and someone fainted from sheer awe.

In actuality, I screamed “That’s awesome! It’ll make life so much easier!!!”

Joyce, in an equally excited scream, answered “I just used it and it was the easiest, quickest and best brainstorming session I ever had. Even better is I can easily take it off site or to any conference room.”

At that moment, three other people stopped by, equally excited to see the organization. There were

  • “I have to show my boyfriend; this will be perfect for craft supplies for his classroom.”
  • “I’m making this for my babysitter so I won’t get home with markers, crayons and paper everywhere.”
  • “This would be perfect for when I have to drive to sales meetings and need a mini office in the car.”

Basically, us organizing freaks are working for the right company 🙂

How could you use Bento to organize items you take on the move?

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