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Basement Final

8 Things to do Right Away for an Organized Basement

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler.

  1. Put a box (or 2) in the basement that say’s “Donate.”  And everyday put at least 5 things in those boxes.  If you have stuff on the floor – focus on the floor first, shelves second.
  2. Find another 5 things each week that someone else in your family might appreciate and cherish and pass them on.
  3. Get on a few charitable organizations lists and have them call you when they will be in your area.  When they ask you if you have something to donate “say yes” and bring up your boxes from the basement.
  4. Don’t put anything in the basement, until you get a box of donations out the door.
  5. Keep a trash can in the basement and use it.
  6. Get good lighting down there.  Grab some lamps upstairs that you are not using, or pick up a few.  This is (1) for safety reasons and (2) so you can see what is you have.
  7. Locate the bigger items that are taking up the most space and see if you can’t let them go yet.  Seeing empty space in a short period of time motivate you to keep going.  Auction houses and consignment shops love furniture – often times they will pick them up from your home – just make a few calls.
  8. Are you storing someone else’s stuff?  How long has it been?  Is it time to have a tough conversation with that special someone to free up more of your space?

Here are a few before and after photos for inspiration.  As you can see shelves and containers are highly recommended.

Before Photos

Basement Before
Basement Before 2
Basement Before 3

After Photos

Basement Final
Basement Final 2
Basement Final 3

Thanks for reading!

Tiffany Engler, CPO® loves to help her clients break overwhelming organizing projects into small pieces to achieve big results. She gets a rush helping people finish something they have been putting off for years. Check out her website at

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2 Responses to 8 Things to do Right Away for an Organized Basement

  1. B. Walters August 2, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    Rubbermaid had a dog food container that was great do you still carry it. Containers for dog food are nearly impossible to find. We need a container. Is your Wooster,Oh site still open?

    • Erin Gentry August 3, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

      Hi B.Walters – I was able to find Rubbermaid dog food storage containers on Amazon. I’m afraid I do not have any other information about them. Our store in Wooster is still there and is open.

      Let me know if that answers your questions!


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