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Getting Your Travel Supplies Under Control

Even though we’re already in the thick of travel season, there’s still time to get this category under control. And if you’re anything like me, you want the packing process to go as smooth as possible without worrying, “what am I forgetting to pack?” By creating a go-to spot for all things travel, you’ll be setting yourself up for success and ensuring a head start to any excursion.

1. Give your travel items a set boundary by carving out a fixed space. By doing this, you’re saying to yourself, if it doesn’t fit, it goes–thus leaving you with a streamlined space that will be a cinch to keep organized.

2. Ask yourself, do you really need it? A few travel toiletries are great but do you need 15 back-up shampoos and conditioners? Most hotel rooms have everything you’ll ever need so try not to overstock. If you do find yourself with countless toiletries, donate to a shelter or put them in the shower and use them up.

3. Don’t forget to add these must-have travel items; earplugs, headphones, travel adaptors, passport holder, neck pillow and the like. By grouping all these items together, you won’t have to go searching high and low before your next departure.

4. Create a packing list and tape to the wall next to the travel zone. That way, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’re packing your suitcase.

5. To maximize space, tuck travel make-up bags and smaller suitcases inside of larger suitcases. A great way to remember what is stored where is to index this process on your packing list.

What are your favorite tips for keeping your travel supplies under control?

Image from Flickr user javajoba used with permission under Creative Commons License

Beth Zeigler knew she was on an organizing path when at the age of 5 she was maximizing her closet space to function as a second bedroom for her dolls. Throw in her background of delegating tasks to her younger brother throughout childhood–and her transition to organizing developed quite organically. Check out her web site at Bneato!

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2 Responses to Getting Your Travel Supplies Under Control

  1. Erin July 16, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    A few weeks before I leave for a trip, I like to keep a bag hanging on my door knob. When I come across things that I might see around the house that I’d like to pack I put it in the bag. Special clothing items, sunglasses, nail clippers, notepads, pens, printed travel papers, ear plugs, etc… stuff that I won’t need until the trip. I sometimes write things down I don’t want to forget when I do the actual packing and put the notes in the bag. I feel so much more prepared when I start to pack because of the items that I had been setting aside.

    • Beth July 25, 2012 at 9:31 am #

      love this idea–helps with stress levels to be prepared before a trip!

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