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How do you organize ribbon?

Ribbons can be used for so many crafts and, of course, come in handy when wrapping presents or tying pigtails. Depending on how you plan to use your ribbon, keep these strategies in mind:

  1. Keep them in the room that they are used most often (if possible).
  2. Group them by type (e.g., curling, Jacquard) then color.

When you group them by category, you’ll get a better idea of which ones you have an abundance of and which ones need replenshing. Once you have your groupings, you’ll need to decide how you’d like to store them. I’ve noticed some creative storage solutions on Pinterest, like putting them on hangers, on dowels inside a clear container, or in a shoe box wrapped in your favorite paper. You can also store them in hat boxes.

Swing arm trouser hanger

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Deb always seemed to have a knack for putting things in order, and started re-designing her mother’s room at the age of nine. Fast forward several years later and you’ll find her helping clients get more organized and comfortable in their homes and offices. Check out her website at D. Allison!

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