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Mary’s Room Before

Last Tuesday, the team and I made it to Mary’s Room to complete the makeover they won (see the post here for details).

Good news: The room that we were installing closet systems and garage organization systems to help organize was clear and clean. Mary’s Room had received a separate grant to update and add drywall to new room in the Church, converting it from an old storage room to the new Mary’s Room. This made it super easy to start installing and drilling.

The new Mary’s Room – empty waiting for closet systems

Travis installing closet systems

Travis and me installing closet systems

Bad News: The current Mary’s Room was shared with a meeting room. Clothes and baby items were spread throughout the room in trash bags, book shelves and more. We had a ton of sorting to do.

Meeting room – where is the Mary’s Room items?

Mom’s have to dig through bins to find clothing

Bags of clothing that needs to be sorted


So what did we do? We split into two teams; one started installing and one started sorting.

Sorting clothing


By the end of the day, we had made a TON of progress. Much more that I thought we would have. Want to see the results? Well be sure to check back soon!


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