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Organizing Small Closets in Dorm Rooms

It is that time again – Back to Campus!! Colleges and Universities are cleaning out the dorm rooms to welcome back students while students are, once again, wondering how all their items are going to fit in a teeny, tiny dorm room.

We decided to hijack April’s dorm room (daughter of one of our employees) and try some organizational tips on her! We focused on her small closet as this was the area where she needed some help.

Problem #1: Open Space

April’s closet was open to the rest of her dorm room, just set a little further back. While this does allow for easy access and an open fill, it did cause the room to feel cluttered when the space was cluttered. Solution: Add multipurpose storage like the Rubbermaid Cubbies. These neutral bins would fit her decor even if she changed it next year. The cubbies acted like drawers containing different types of clothing and, like drawers, hid items away while making it easy to slide them out and grab what she needed!

Problem #2: Space

Unfortunately, small rooms often have small closets. As you can see from April’s closet, there is not a lot of hang space. Look at folding items you normally would not fold and placing them in add-0n closet accessories. Light jackets, jeans and bulkier, longer items can be folded to create extra space at the bottom of the closet for more storage. Also only keep what you need in the space – store out of season clothing at home or under the bed.

Problem #3: No Easy to Reach Shelf Space

April’s closet was a typical set up for colleges. One shelf with one hang bar. This is not an ideal situation when you have a lot of shoes like April did. We added the Closet Helper 2 Shelf unit to April’s closet under her short hang clothes to create additional storage space.

So what did April think? – “The Closet Helper was easy to handle and was very light. I installed it myself with no problem and using no tools. I loved using the Closet Helper for my shoes because it was a plastic material that is super easy to clean. By adding the shelving, I was able to use the cloth hanging unit for clothes and other accessories freeing up space on my top shelves and floor, eventually moving almost everything off the floor which I like. ”



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