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Toys, Bows and Legos – Oh My! Kid Organizing Tips

I recently asked our fans on Facebook (you should become a fan too!) what areas of the home they find difficult to organize. I was not surprised to see toys, kid’s rooms, playrooms and kids’ hair accessories mentioned. It is a common frustration that we hear.

So I asked some of the Moms and Dads in the office how they handle and organize toys and clothes for their children. My co-workers Amanda and Rose responded with some awesome photos and tips.

Rose showed me some ways that she organizes her daughter’s closet. Rose always had an issue organizing her daughter’s shoes (who I think has more shoes than I do but I am, admittedly, not a shoe lover) UNTIL she installed some basic shelving in her daughter’s closet under the clothes. The basic shelving allows her to store multiple shoes and see them. Adding shelving to kid’s closets is a great idea because their clothing is shorter than an adults and you can really maximize the space. Rose has the Rubbermaid Configurations line of closet in her daughter’s room so it was easy to install extra shelves and will be easy to rearrange or take them out as her daughter grows.

Organizing Rose’s daughter’s shoes on shelves

How Rose displays her daughter’s bows


Rose also utilizes the closet door space to organize and display her daughter’s bows (this would also work well on a bathroom door!). She has ribbons on hooks that she can snap the bows to. She hung these ribbons on an over the door hook. It is such an easy and pretty way to display and use her daughter’s bows!

Amanda shared how she organizes her two boys’ toys. For her younger son, she has created a little corner in the family room for his things. I love the idea of having one designated space because it helps corral and control the toys. Yes, the toys will be dragged all over the house sometimes but when picking up, Amanda and her husband know to bring them right back to the little corner. Plus, she has made it so cute with the letter tiles and pillows that I’m sure her son gravitates to play there. She also keeps the system simple by using open baskets. They way her youngest can grab toys himself (or dump the basket for fun I am sure) and it is easy for the rest of her family to just throw the toy in the basket to clean up. No, it is not a toys go here and b toys go there but it is keeping toy clutter from gathering all over her house.

Amanda’s oldest son has his own little play room. Once again, Amanda has made it cute and comfortable with a rug, table and bulletin board of artwork! The basic principles of simplicity are here too. Shelves with open baskets act to contain smaller toys that can easily be thrown in or taken out. I like that she has left some open shelves for mid-sized toys that can be place and not thrown all over the floor. There is also room for board games and puzzles. She uses the toys themselves for organization – storing the cooking and food toys in the little toy kitchen. A last tip that she has is to create a separate storage container for larger toys. All the bigger cars, dinosaurs, etc. can be thrown in to this larger bucket.

Amanda’s oldest boys play area

Using shelves and bins to organize toys

Bin Amanda uses to organize larger toys


Here are some other tips for managing the toy conundrum:

  1. Keep it simple – open bins/shelving and easy access are key to letting your kids play with the toys and help clean up (or make it easy for you to clean up)
  2. Contain it – give your child an area where their toys live. It might be a corner of your living room or a separate playroom but have a designated area. If there are too many toys for the area, it is time to clear some out.
  3. Straighten up every night – don’t let the toys get away from you. Take at least five minutes before bed and throw items into the open bins to keep the toys from completely taking over!
  4. Set your expectations – Do you want the toys labeled and always in the same spot or is it okay to just have them not taking over your entire home? Decide what works for you and set up a system to achieve that.

How do you organize your child’s things?

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