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5 Kids and Minimum Space… How do I best organize their clothes?

Organizing kid’s clothes is a never-ending project! As soon as they grow an inch you have to start over… and with 5 kids, you’re going to be one busy mama! Here are a few ideas for getting and keeping their clothes organized within your tight quarters!

First assess what storage you already have and what works best for each child. Most young children struggle with heavy drawers and are unable to reach traditional closet rods for their hanging items…  Use those pieces for the older children and think outside of the box for the younger kids.

Consider using under the bed storage bins that they can easily slide in and out from under their own beds. You may want to ditch the lid to make it all that much easier to access. And if you’d like to separate the socks from the underwear in their under-the-bed ‘dresser’ use smaller bins within the large piece- like these Clever Store Non-Latching containers. These smaller containers also work great as drawer dividers and can simply be place on the closet floor for easy access.

To maximize hanging space, use a hanging organizer like this one Jumbo Shelf Organizer. You could place a complete outfit on one of the shelves making it easy for a young child to know what goes with what! If one of the children is still an infant or toddler this organizer works great to store extra crib blankets, sheets, and the smaller cubbies are perfect for small receiving blankets and diapers.


Krista Colvin:

Krista Colvin is the Organized Lifestyle Expert for AM Northwest, creator of Organize The Whole SheBang [the smart woman’s guide to doing it all], and a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist. She’s a social media savvy, too much coffee-drinkin’ mama of two. Check out her blog at Organize the Whole Shebang!

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