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How can I make a shared room work for my 5 and 2 year old?

My kidlets, one boy and one girl, share a bathroom but not a bedroom… so I took this question to my  “organized facebook fans” and they had some great ideas for you!

1. Create Routines…
Put the youngest child to bed first so as not to disrupt the older child.  If they like to read in bed get them each a book light.

2. Give them their own space…
Use under-the-bed storage containers [label with their names] for each child as well as display shelves that belong to just them! Color coding is a great option as well.

3. Check out Pinterest!
Pinterest has some great ideas! I searched ‘shared rooms’ and found some really clever design solutions! Take a peek! click here


Krista Colvin:

Krista Colvin is the Organized Lifestyle Expert for AM Northwest, creator of Organize The Whole SheBang [the smart woman’s guide to doing it all], and a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist. She’s a social media savvy, too much coffee-drinkin’ mama of two. Check out her blog at Organize the Whole Shebang!

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