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Solution Hidden in the Clutter

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of

Sometimes, there is a plan before you touch the clutter. And sometimes, you simply have to dig in and touch the clutter to come up with a plan. If you don’t know what all is there, you simply have to dig in and start sorting. I call that the game of “Which of These Things Belong Together.”

In this story, one super busy family created one clutter-filled laundry room. That isn’t unusual considering we tend to stuff everything we don’t know what to do with in an out-of-sight spot, like the laundry room.

I couldn’t help but notice the big blue ironing board and knew right off that I’d need to find a home for it, especially since the homeowner confessed to only occasionally needing to iron. I could have guessed that since it was pretty hard to get to.

It wasn’t long before we spotted the iron, tucked away on a shelf. However, we hadn’t brought any organizing products with us so finding a place to hang them, out of the way, would have to be on a to-do list for another day. Besides, we had plenty to sort through.








In the middle of sorting the clutter into stacks of like-items, we discovered a treasure hidden in the clutter and it was just the treasure we needed.  Can you find the iron? Beside it on the shelf are two bags of mighty good Cajun style chips. Peeking out behind the chips, is an orange box.

Of all the things to be hidden in the clutter – an organizer! And a handy-dandy Rubbermaid Ironing Organizer (you can find the updated version of this product here).  The homeowner told us that she’d had it “for awhile” but never got around to putting it to use. It certainly didn’t take us long to attach it to the back of a closet door in the laundry room.  The board and iron are located conveniently for that occasional ironing job.

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