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How do I an organize an attic?

If you have an attic you can use for storage, count your blessings! What you store in your attic might be affected by how easy it is to access it. If you have a simple staircase to the attic, great. You can store out-of-season items or anything you don’t need easy access to. If getting to your attic requires a ladder, then you’ll probably want to be more judicious about what you store there. (For example, my attic is accessible via a small trap door in ceiling of a closet. We have to use a ladder to get to that trap door. What do we store there? Nothing.)

Organizing items stored in an attic is similar to organizing items in the garage or basement. You’ll want to sort, weed, and categorize your items so that you can store them in labeled bins. I always recommend using shelving to store the those bins, rather than stacking them. That way, you don’t have to move bins in order to access those beneath them.

Typically, however, shelving is more problematic in an attic due to access issues and slanted eaves. At both the National Association of Professional Organizers and Institute for Challenging Disorganization conferences, I learned about AtticMaxx, a shelving system designed to allow you maximize your storage space in the attic. It’s pretty ingenious: These shelves fit between the trusses! They’re adjustable so you can fit the angle of the trusses in your attic (since there isn’t a standard angle for a house’s trusses). So now you can store bins along the edges of your attic, off the floor (above the insulation) and without stacking. They come in sets of two or eight shelves and are available from the AtticMaxx website.

Janine Adams is a messy professional organizer who loves helping others create order. The co-founder of Declutter Happy Hour, she believes in having as much fun as possible in the organizing process. Check out her web site at Peace of Mind Organizing!

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  1. Brenda Lowes December 19, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    How do I maximize crawl space storage? Floor is concrete and rough in spots, entrance is 34 inches high approx 38 inches hiigh in space once through entryway. Its a long nrrow space approx 14 ft long. Also gets ddamp some years.
    Thanks for your advice.

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