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Need to store my bikes in the garage

U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25% of people with two-car garages fill it with too much stuff that they can’t park a car inside

Getting bicycles organized can be a daunting experience. When I was a kid, as far as I know, there weren’t any fancy gadgets for getting bicycles off the floor and out of the way. Today there are tons of great options depending on your budget, style, and bike usage. Here are some of the favorite tools used by organizers:

For the family with many bikes:
This bike rack will keep bikes together where they are easy to access. Children can easily pull bicycles in and out to ride.

SportRack Bike Valet

For the family that doesn’t ride  often:
Save some floor space and get those bicycles off the floor with hooks.

We like the Rubbermaid Fast Track system because you can add and subtract hooks as needed. These hooks clip onto the Track after the Track is installed.  The hooks are available for horizontal or vertical storage


Rubbermaid Fast Track

For one or two riders:

These shelf/hook combos give you a way to hang the bike up off of the floor and store your helmet, gloves, and other gear.These run less than $50.

Racor 2-bike storage rack

For the person who does not ride often.
Maybe you’re storing the bike for someone else. This pulley system will get the bike completely out of the way so you have room for your own things. It Runs about  $99 but I have seen it on sale on Amazon for as low as $29

Image seen here is the Bike Hoist


For the apartment dweller or people without a garage:
This system and similar ones provide storage without having to install anything. The run about $100+

2-bike Gravity Storage Stand



Allison Carter likes fun and funky organizing. She is a creative, right brainer and thinks it is more fun to organize if you love how your space looks. So she utilitzes color, shape, pattern and texture to keep herself and her stuff organized. Check out her web site at The Professional Organizer!

Do you have a room or area in your home that needs organization help?

No worries – the Rubbermaid Professional Organizer Squad is here with expert advice! This group of professional organizers has seen and tackled it all. Simply enter your question, screen name and email to submit your question to them (any organizing question is welcome, no matter how simple or complicated!). We’ll answer and feature questions the squad can provide the best answers on. Don’t worry – we’ll email you if your question is selected!


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One Response to Need to store my bikes in the garage

  1. Damian October 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Getting bikes up off the floor is a great way to save space in the garage! Thanks for the reminder.

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