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How to change your clothing with the seasons

How to change your closet with the seasons

The leaves are changing color. The nights are getting cooler. And it’s time to break out some warmer clothes. If you live in a climate with seasonal changes, and you don’t have a large enough closet to fit all of your clothes, you need to do a closet switcheroo every fall and spring. Gather up your spring and summer clothes (or Fall and Winter clothes depending on where you are and time of year) and put them in storage for the next few months. Even if your closet IS big enough, it is a good idea to review your wardrobe and move out what isn’t working for you anymore.

These questions can help to determine what to keep or give away as you review your wardrobe:

FIT: If it doesn’t fit and is in good condition – donate to charity or sell.

FIX: If it needs fixing, and you’re not likely to fix it (because you haven’t yet) either fix it within one week, or – Donate or toss.

FLATTER: Does the clothing flatter your figure? Does it look great on you? If you don’t look great, you probably won’t wear it much and then it’s just taking up valuable space in your closet. – Donate it.

FASHION: Is it in fashion? Will it be in style still in 6 months when you take it out of storage? If the answer is no, will you wear it anyway? If no, then donate or toss it.

FREQUENCY:  If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for an entire season, 6-months or so, it is probably destined for the donate bag.

FEEL: Even if your clothing fits and is in fashion, do you feel good wearing it? Perhaps the cut is too high or too low, or the color isn’t one you like anymore. You can give away the item if it just doesn’t “feel” good to you anymore.

FOREVER:  Do you have clothing in your closet that you are keeping forever for sentimental reasons such as a wedding dress, a favorite T-shirt, or some skinny pants? These items don’t belong in your closet but rather in a Keepsake box. Get yourself a nice plastic bin and pack up your memories as keepsakes.

Go through your clothes with 2 or 3 bags nearby
1. Donate bag(white bag)
2. Toss/Trash bag (black bag)
Optional Sell box or bag if you prefer to sell items.

Ask yourself these questions and be tough. If you hesitate for a few seconds, then the most likely answer is that you don’t love it, and you can let it go.

Packing and Storing: 

The items you are keeping in storage should be laundered before packing so they don’t attract bugs.
If you are packing up baby clothes, be sure to wash in Oxyclean or a similar product that breaks down the enzymes of baby spit-up or they will turn yellow in storage.
If you dry-clean an item, take it out of the plastic before packing. The plastic holds in the toxic materials used in dry-cleaning and can damage your clothes.

After cleaning them, put them into plastic containers  like Rubbermaid’s Clever Store Non-Latching Opaque Lid 95 qt. size (seen here) and store in an area without pests. It may help to add cedar blocks, lavender, or the silica packets from shoes to keep away bugs and moisture.



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  1. Damian October 16, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    Good advice to live by. I think I’ve heard before that you don’t wear about 80% of the clothes you keep in the closet. If that’s true then we all need to do some serious soul searching about what we really need to keep!

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