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What’s the Best Way to Organize Jewelry?

The thing I love about organizing jewelry is that are so many ways to store or display your collection. I’m going to share with you my top 3 ways to keep this category accessible and user friendly.

1. The easiest way I know to keep your gems in order is by repurposing small dishes and trays. You’ll want at least one shallow drawer to make this organizing feat possible but a tray or two can land on the table surface. Store like with like and your little bobs will be there when you want to change it up.

2. My go-to solution for dealing with delicate necklaces is utilizing clear, Command 3M Hooks. They come in a variety of sizes and work perfectly in the bathroom on the interior of your medicine cabinet. Feel free to store delicate bracelets here as well.

3. There is nothing more satisfying than jewelry on display. It adds a certain something to a space while keeping your jewelry highly accessible. A simple dowel rod with the company of some S-hooks make this idea a win-win solution.













Beth Zeigler knew she was on an organizing path when at the age of 5 she was maximizing her closet space to function as a second bedroom for her dolls. Throw in her background of delegating tasks to her younger brother throughout childhood–and her transition to organizing developed quite organically. Check out her web site at Bneato!

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