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Which storage unit should I store measuring utensils and baking supplies?

I envy my friends who can bake and am always eager to enjoy the fruits of their labor. =) Baking, like many activities and hobbies, comes with supplies that need to be organized in way that you can easily access them — especially if you bake often. Here are a few ideas that might work for you, depending on the size of your space and the volume of things that you need to store.

You can keep your measuring spoons in a drawer on mounted to the inside of your baking cabinet. If you keep them in drawer separate from your usual utensils, consider using a drawer organizer wide enough to hold them all.












If you do a lot of baking or make several things at the same time, you probably have a cooling rack. It tends to be a fairly large item, so you may want to keep it in an empty area on your counter. Or, if you’re limited on space, store it on top of your refrigerator. Also, your baking trays and cookie sheets can likely fit in this organizer that’s typically used for pot covers.


If you’re able to find an area in your kitchen large enough for a bakers rack, you’ll not only have room for your measuring cups, but also many other baking supplies (like your mixer, mixing bowls, large utensils and cups, etc).


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