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How can I store my DVDs?

There are many options for DVD storage. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to store the DVDs in their cases or remove them from cases and store them in sleeves.

If you want to store the DVDs in their original cases, your can choose storage furniture or bins. If you want to use storage furniture, you can select an entertainment center that would also hold your TV and peripheral devices and has space for DVDs on shelves or in darers. Or you can get a free-standing unit that sits on the floor or is wall-mounted. (All the links in this post are just examples among the many options available.)

If you prefer, you can use bins to store DVDs in their cases. For example, Rubbermaid makes the Photo and Media Storage Box, which has a sliding backer (like a bookend) to keep the DVDs upright.

Cases give you easy visual identification of your DVDs, but they are bulky. If you want to save space by storing your DVDs in sleeves or slimmer jewel boxes, then you have a couple of options. You can use a DVD binder or you can use small DVD bins to store the DVDs upright in their sleeves or jewel boxes.

No matter how you decide to store the DVDs, you should give some thought as to how you want to organize them. Are you a searcher or a browser?

If you’re a searcher, you know the title you’re looking for and want to go right to it. In that case, you’re probably best off organizing your DVDs alphabetically.

If you’re a browser, you probably like to look through some titles to decide on which movie to watch. In that case, you might consider organizing them by category (comedies, dramas, suspense, documentaries, for example), so that you can easily find one that fits your mood. There’s no right way to categorize–you can have a category for your favorite actor or director if you want–just ponder how you and your family members think about your movies and categorize them accordingly. My advice: keep it simple and keep your categories broad. Keeping it simple allows you to easily refile your DVDs. Keeping the categories broad allows cast a wider net when you’re looking for a movie to watch.

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