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How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house?

How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house (for school)?
Its through the garage that opens into my kitchen!

You’ve got the entry way blues.. a common ailment of parents around the world. The secret to keeping it organized is: follow the traffic pattern. Where do people naturally want to drop stuff? When you know the natural pattern, the trick is to put containers, hooks, and cubbies where people naturally want to put their things.

Put a tray or basket on your kitchen counter to collect school papers that need to be read or signed. If the children drop their coats, put up hooks where the coats are, or as close as possible. Book bags can go on a simple bench or into bins or baskets on the floor.

Basket to catch papers or book bags!

Basket to catch papers or book bags!

Bento Tray to catch papers

Bento Tray to catch papers


If you don’t have a hallway or wall space to put these things, you will need to think about how you can get your family to walk a little further to put things into the next possible room or closet.

Then there must be some incentive for putting things away. With not incentive, kids are likely to do the easiest thing.

The dining room is often nearby, and goes un-used in many houses. Dining room chairs are an excellent place to put book bags and hang coats.

Allison Carter likes fun and funky organizing. She is a creative, right brainer and thinks it is more fun to organize if you love how your space looks. So she utilitzes color, shape, pattern and texture to keep herself and her stuff organized. Check out her web site at The Professional Organizer!

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