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I’m a book hoarder. How do I store books?

Reading is a great way to reduce stress and learn something new or interesting, and if you love to read, you might find yourself with quite a few books and little room to store them. You may want to start by selecting your favorites and “must-haves,” and then consider keeping them on a sturdy bookcase in the room that you tend to read in.

Storage Conditions

No matter where you choose to store your books, you’ll want to make sure there are no drastic temperature changes and that the room is well ventilated. The Library of Congress suggests that you don’t store your books in your attic or basement.

Packing Books Away for Long-Term Storage

If you need to pack your books away for long-term storage, use a container that has lid and can be completely closed. According to the book, Saving Stuff: How to Care for and Preserve Your Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Other Prized Possessions, books are susceptible to critters like silverfish (often found in basements and garages), so keeping the lid on your container is very important.

Before packing your books away, you should gently vacuum them to remove any dust or debris. You can then cover them in archival or acid-free paper or place them in a sealable polyethylene bag. Very large books should lay flat (and can be stacked) inside a sealed storage tote. Be sure to add a label to the outside of the container to remind you of what’s inside.


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