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Organizing Scarves Doesn’t Need to be a Pain in the Neck

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of

Some of the smallest organizing issues can really tie us up in knots. Take scarves for example.

A great way to create new outfits out of your tired wardrobe is to accessorize with a scarf. Beautiful scarves of every pattern, color and fabric are in stores – and our closets! Which leads to the small issue of what to do with them?

If you are like me, you hate ironing. I detest ironing. With nearly all of my clothing, I manage to avoid ironing by choosing wrinkle-resistant fabrics and by using a steamer when I need to banish wrinkles. So, you can imagine that I have no desire to wrestle with six to eight-feet of silk scarf as it slips and slides across an ironing board.

Warm winter scarves, made of wool or chunky knits don’t have the wrinkle gene. You can fold them, wad them and stuff them into a number of different containers. Pull one out to wear and it doesn’t look like you slept in it. Not so with some of the beautiful scarves designed as outfit accessories. I love the variety from cashmere to cotton, linen, pashmina, satin and silk, despite the fact that they get on my last wrinkle-tormented nerve.

One day, I readied an outfit for a special event and it included the dreaded ironing of the scarf I had chosen. I grabbed an empty skirt hanger and clipped on the freshly pressed scarf so it would stay wrinkle-free until I put it on.

Light bulb moment! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? What an easy solution! The next day, I purchased some more clip-style hangers and hung my wardrobe of scarves. Now they are staying wrinkle-free and I am making better use of them – and my entire wardrobe- as they are much easier to see, mix and match. I have room to fold them in half and hang them from a tall bar. But, you can also hang them from a shorter closet rod by folding them in fourths and then clipping them on.

Organizing tip: Skirt hangers aren’t just for skirts. Besides the scarves, they are great for items that slide from traditional hangers such as tank tops, tube tops, strapless sundresses, wide scoop and boat-neck tops and more.


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