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How to Organize Bags in your Closet So They are Easy to Find

This post is written by Rubbermaid employee Pam Scovill

I get bags everywhere I go…sometimes for free at 5K runs and sometimes I purchase them (a girl can never have enough bags?!).  I’m sure this “bag issue” pertains to a lot of folks out there. Most of us don’t even know where half of these bags came from; they just seem to appear from thin air. In the past, every time I got a new bag… I would throw it on top of the ever growing pile. The issue arises when it’s time to find a bag to use, which can be on a daily/weekly basis. I get frustrated and overwhelmed, so I just grab whatever is on top. Some bags have been buried on the bottom and have gathered dust for years. Before I decided to organize the pile, I couldn’t even tell you what bags were in the pile.


Pam’s pile of bags before organization

Pam sorting her bags

Pam sorting her bags


I was excited to receive 2 medium Rubbermaid All Access Organizers because they would fit perfectly into my closet.  The day I got the All Access Organizers, I was so excited and ran home to tackle the mound of bags that awaited me in my closet.  As I took out each bag, I was astounded to find that there were 42 bags in total.  Ridiculous!  I first sorted them into small backpacks, medium shoulder bags, and large bags.  I threw out 3 bags that were 10+ years old and in bad shape and decided to donate 2 bags to Goodwill.  Then, I folded and put the remaining small backpacks into one All Access Organizer and put the medium shoulder bags into the other organizer.  I had 3 leftover large bags that I put in a different location because they were too large for these All Access Organizers but need to be easy to grab.

Pam's closet after

Pam’s closet after

All Access Organizers holding Pam's bags!

All Access Organizers holding Pam’s bags!

As you can see from the before and after pictures, this was a huge success!!  Originally, I was hesitant to use a regular storage container because of the frequency I grab bags (almost every day because I always grab one when I head to the gym).  But, the fact that the All Access Organizers door in the front, is extremely helpful for organizing and accessing my bags.  I have been using these All Access Organizers for a week now and they have made my closet more organized and ultimately a less scary place.   Does anyone else have a bag hoarding problem too?  Or are there other things in your closet that these All Access Organizers would help you organize?  Would love some tips as I try to continue to clean up my closets.


Pam is part of the brand marketing team and has worked at Rubbermaid for 2.5 years. She is an avid volleyball player (beach doubles is her favorite!) and a reality show junkie. Her life has always been busy and organization has never been her strong suit but she loves trying the simple-to-use Rubbermaid solutions to help clean up her apartment.

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One Response to How to Organize Bags in your Closet So They are Easy to Find

  1. Renee Reader June 14, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    Oh my, that’s still 37 tote bags and string-mouth bags! If you want to let a few of those extra bags go, consider donating them to a family shelter (where children and even parents might not have suitcases) or local children’s hospital family overnight housing (for instance, the NIH Children’s Inn/Family Inn for family of those in hospital for clinical cancer studies). The bags are perfect for childrens’ needs, and give them something to carry their belongings that’s not a trash bag.

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