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Organizing Baking Supplies and Snacks

This post was written by Rubbermaid employee Katie Abbott.

It was time to switch it up – as in, a cabinet switch.  The cabinet above our fridge houses what I like to call our “odds and ends”: mixing bowls, rarely-used martini glasses, and little dishes I put out for snacks when our friends come over.  The problem is that I access the mixing bowls quite frequently and have to reach up above my head to take them down.  It was frustrating and needed to be changed ASAP.

I have quite the opposite problem in our pantry.  The bottom shelf houses a random assortment of snacks, candy, and baking supplies that are basically at my feet.

Cabinet above the fridge

Cabinet above the fridge

Bottom shelf of the pantry

Bottom shelf of the pantry

I knew if I swapped the contents of these two shelves, my kitchen would be easier to access.  And let’s face it, less accident prone.

Commence the switch up!  I started by emptying the top cabinet.  When re-organizing my house, I have always found it easier to start with a clean slate and lay everything out so you know what you are working with.


Rather than using baggies and boxes to store my baking supplies, I decided to use the new Premium Modular Canisters.  These little gems are super see-through and save space in your cabinets due to their narrow shape.

I also tried out the Large Expanding Helper Shelf, which can expand to make the most of the tight space.  The 10 cup containers fit perfectly underneath the Helper Shelf and the 16 cup sat nicely on top.

Rubbermaid Premium Modular Canisters

Rubbermaid Premium Modular Canisters

Rubbermaid Expanding Helper Shelf

Rubbermaid Expanding Helper Shelf

(For someone who doesn’t bake that often, I have a LOT of decorating supplies.)



After organizing and arranging, this is how it turned out!


What is an organized pantry without some labels?  I loved the shape of these and how the red matched the lids:


The final product…


Now it’s your turn!  How will you use the Premium Modular Canisters to organize your house?


Katie is on the brand management team and has worked at Rubbermaid for almost 5 years. She is an avid golfer, loves to see as many movies as she can, and plays on a local recreational kickball team. This neat freak loves organizing her home with Rubbermaid and enjoys sharing her organizational victories with her Rubbermaid teammates!

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3 Responses to Organizing Baking Supplies and Snacks

  1. Amz_gal June 19, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    where did you get these labels?

  2. SMARTBOX April 1, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Those containers look great in your cabinets, and using the shelf is a great way to utilize space!

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