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How can I organize the piles and piles of paper in my office?

Keeping your papers organized can sometimes be a challenge. Before attempting to put the papers away, you’ll first need to figure what types of documents you have and put them in categories. So, you might have business papers (like taxes, policies, client information) and personal papers (like home repair/maintenance, insurance, appliances).

Once you have you documents categorized, decide which ones need to be stored in a file cabinet (you need them, but not every day) and which ones need to be out an about so you can see them (you handle them regularly). The documents that you need to have access to often can live in a wall file or desktop sorter.

The good news is that once you find a system that works for you, it will be fairly easy to keep up with.

Deb always seemed to have a knack for putting things in order, and started re-designing her mother’s room at the age of nine. Fast forward several years later and you’ll find her helping clients get more organized and comfortable in their homes and offices. Check out her website at D. Allison!

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