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How Do You Store Headbands?

I would love to have the perfect solution for you but unfortunately my collection of headbands totals three (and they don’t need to be accessible) which means they live in a drawer in the linen closet—not such a great solution for storing an entire collection of headbands! So I put my thinking cap on while simultaneously searching the web and came up with these ideas;

1. Over the door cap rack repurposing this rack for hats might work for storing and displaying a headband collection. Going vertical, the headbands could be easily accessed and stay put when not in use.

2. Over the door flip flop rack: same concept as the cap organizer –it really just depends on what’s available to you in your hometown.

3. I found this great solution over at the blog, Dream Mom. she organizes her daughters headbands on a paper towel roll (for about $3). my only concern are the paper towels ripping as the roll receives wear and tear over time (but it could be easily replaced with a new roll).

4. Oversized glass jar  spotted the easiest idea of them all from Monograms and Manicures. She picked up an oversized glass jar with lid and places the headbands in the container–what a cinch!

5. Plastic soda bottles my favorite DIY for storing headbands is from Catie’s Corner. She gives a step-by-step tutorial but all you’ll need are some empty soda bottles (around the 2 – liter size).

Headband Image:

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One Response to How Do You Store Headbands?

  1. Catie @ Catie's Corner September 25, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    Wow Beth, thanks for featuring my DIY headband storage solution!! =)

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