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Three tricks for easy decluttering

If you want to get some spring cleaning done, often the first step is letting go of excess. Cleaning is much easier when there’s no clutter to work around! Here are three things to keep in mind to make decluttering and purging easier:

1. Stay honest. While decluttering, ask yourself the following questions when trying to decide whether to keep an item:

  • Do I use it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does keeping this item contribute to my vision for my space?

If you can’t honestly answer yes to any of those questions, consider letting the item go.

2. Stay focused. A timer can help you keep focused on your decluttering. Set your timer for a small increment of time (like 15 and 30 minutes) and keep working until it goes off. Then, take a break to hydrate or relax before going back to work.

3. Stay put. Create a Relocate to Another Room box to temporarily store the items that belong elsewhere in your house. Don’t put those items away until the end of your decluttering session. That way you don’t get distracted by going to another room.

Use these three tricks and you’ll get your space decluttered quickly so you can get to the spring cleaning!

Janine Adams is a messy professional organizer who loves helping others create order. The co-founder of Declutter Happy Hour, she believes in having as much fun as possible in the organizing process. Check out her web site at Peace of Mind Organizing!

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One Response to Three tricks for easy decluttering

  1. Tyler July 25, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    Hey Janine,

    In my humble opinion, step 1 is the hardest. Everyone is worried that once they decide they don’t love an item or need it anymore and they discard it that that’s when they will finally find a use for it. At that point it’s too late since it’s been tossed out (for the sake of not hoarding). So the solution i’ve come up with is to use storage bins for the stuff that i’m not sure i want to throw away, but that i need to get out of my immediate area.

    Rather than discard old items (that may one day be needed) I just place them in a bin or container and then stash that container in my garage. It is out of my immediate space (and sight for peace of mind :) ) and whenever I need it i just run to the garage and grab that bin.

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