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What can I use to organize our athletics equipment in our garage? Such as lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks?

Large athletic equipment can be a real challenge to store.
One of the simplest ways to store lacrosse and hockey sticks is to use a tall garbage can and stand everything upright in it.

If you would like to get them off of the floor, there are several options of hook systems you can attach to the wall to hold them up horizontally or vertically.

One of my favorites for sticks of all kinds (including brooms and mops) is this:

Photo from

hooks for sports equipment
Hook set above from

For less than a dollar for each rubber-coated hook, you can hang all of your long items. It holds them  upright vertically in place against the wall with the friction of the rubber.

Rubbermaid’s Fast Track system  is more elaborate and has functions that you can use forever. It has a double hook that attaches to the system’s track.

Rubbermaid FastTrack hooks

Rubbermaid FastTrack Hooks

This is a great solution for sports equipment with the bonus that it’s easy to add, subtract, and change your hooks based on your needs.

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