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An Organizer Makes Over Her Desk Space

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of

“How long did it take you to get it like this?”

That’s a conversation a professional organizer has nearly daily with the folks she organizes. But sometimes, they don’t have the conversation with themselves.

One day, as I struggled to move things from space to space on my desktop, trying in vain to get a project done, I realized that I’d been having that struggle for a while.

“So, how long did it take you to get it like this,” I asked myself.

“Months!” was the answer.

At our desk, one project can lead to another to another and so on. There never seems to be just the right time to get ourselves organized. But that flies in the face of my theory that pretty gets you organized. For example, if you clear off your dining room table, give it a polish and place a beautiful runner and flower arrangement on it, you are going to think twice before plopping down the mail, your briefcase and some other junk. Pretty really can get you organized.

I was long overdue to use some of my favorite client tricks on myself including the one about getting pretty! Here’s my workspace before and after- and some of my favorite tips for creating a great workspace for yourself.





About the old space:  A very old clunky TV sat unused in the corner of my office. At any time, you might find six different clipboards hanging over the desk with important items on them. My desk held two horizontal file stacks and one vertical tower. This over-time accumulation gradually grew until the usable space was gone.

About the new space: Plenty of elbow room to work on the desktop by reclaiming the space for its proper use. Below are some ideas I used that I are easy to implement.

Desktop Organizing Tips:

  • Clear out a desk drawer to hold pending projects. Move stagnate files to a file cabinet. Only leave out daily activities on the desk. Use a vertical file to keep them from becoming an unorganized pile.
  • Make a permanent home for items that have gathered at your desk. Install a bulletin board or wire with clips, as I did, so you have a home for family photos, artwork and things that bring you joy.
  • Choose some attractive file folders for the work you leave out. Make your desk a place you really want to be at.file-folders
  • Brighten up your tired desk lamp with a new shade. Choose a warm bulb that mimics sunlight so your office space is inviting. The difference one bulb and one shade can bring is
  • Add a calendar that brings the seasons right into your room with the art work. Because I propped my calendar on a small ledge, instead of hanging it, I can change the items next to it to help me enjoy the seasons of the year, especially important when you work indoors. In May, it held my Mother’s Day cards and in June, a seashell and a drawing of a ship I once sailed on. As I move through the year, switching it to a sunflower, a small pumpkin and a holiday ornament will remind me to take the time to enjoy the day.june-2013-018
  • Adding something pretty to your desk, from a flower to a framed photo of someone you love is the finishing touch.add-something-pretty

You can makeover a space without ever painting a wall or moving a piece of furniture. Sometimes, it is all about what you put away and what you leave out. Remember, pretty can help you organize. And, pretty can help you be productive because you have a wonderful spot in which to work.

Even organizers have to take the time to organize ourselves!

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