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I have a large collection of cook books. I want to display and have these available in my kitchen any ideas?

There are many options for storing cookbooks in a kitchen, but a lot depends on your kitchen design. One of my favorite ways to create space for cookbooks is to hang a shelf above a doorway. They can be very decorative and all you need is a step stool to reach the ones you want.


If you have an island or just a little wall space you may be able to install shallow shelves or racks on the ends for a few of your favorite books like narrow book ledges seen here for children’s books. This way they are easy to see.

From: Land of Nod

You could store books on a thin, rolling storage rack next to the fridge if you have a little space there.

Put books on rolling shelves made for thin spaces.                    From: blog

My new favorite way to store your recipes though is to scan your favorites and put the photos onto a website or on a tablet like the iPad, then keep your iPad in the kitchen as you’re cooking.

Your cookbooks can go into another room for future reference.

But the truth is you can find almost any recipe you want (besides family recipes) on the internet, and having an internet accessible device in your kitchen is the way to go in the future.

I personally scan recipes or clip them from the internet, then upload them to a program called Evernote that stores my recipes in notebooks that I created, sorted by type of recipe. It also allows me to search  recipes by keywords. Then I use the Evernote app on my iPad when I am cooking.

It’s a lot of steps to set up, but I was able to get rid of dozens of cookbooks this way and now I don’t have cookbook storage issues.

There are a few gadgets on the market for hanging a tablet safely in a kitchen:

The Pad Tab

The Pad Tab

The Belkin Fridge Pad – This is the one I have since nothing has to stick to the iPad itself.

Belkin Fridge Mount


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