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Five quick organizing projects

The autumn weather may have moved you indoors, so perhaps you have time for some quick organizing projects that will make your home a bit more pleasant. None of these should take much time, but they could have a big impact!

  • Declutter your keys. Take a few minutes and figure out which locks any unmarked keys belong to. Then mark them. Separate the keys for locks you don’t use often (your neighbor’s house keys, for instance) from the ones you use every day to make it easy to grab the important ones.
  • Clear off your nightstand. Are there unread books and unloved lotions and potions littering your nightstand? Perhaps some old tissues? In just a few minutes you can clear it off and enjoy a more peaceful bedtime and morning.
  • Tidy the laundry area. Do you have bottles or boxes of detergent you decided you don’t like cluttering up your laundry area? How about empty bottles? Is your laundry-room wastebasket overflowing with dryer lint? Just fifteen minutes of focused cleaning up in this area can make a big difference.
  • Organize your pet supplies. Take a look at your dog or cat’s stuff. Are there old, rejected treats? Toss ’em! Worn collars or leashes that were replaced? Time to get rid of them! The carcasses of de-stuffed toys? Errant squeakers? Make it easy for you (and perhaps your pet) to get to the supplies you need by letting go of the old stuff.
  • Go through your pens and markers. Grab your writing instruments and some scratch paper and test your pens and markers. Throw out any that are dried up or out of ink. If you, like many people, have an overabundance of pens, consider donating them to  a local school. Make sure to donate only working ones, though!

These tiny projects can make a difference because they’re in areas that you interact with on a regular basis. I’m always amazed at the great benefits gained by a little bit of focused effort on decluttering and organizing.

Janine Adams is a messy professional organizer who loves helping others create order. The co-founder of Declutter Happy Hour, she believes in having as much fun as possible in the organizing process. Check out her web site at Peace of Mind Organizing!

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