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The power of the morning routine

I love routines because they make tasks automatic. The more I can do automatically, without thinking, each morning, the more smoothly the day goes. The benefits are clear for the few habits I’ve strung together in my morning routine:

  • I floss daily without even thinking about it and my dental check ups are a dream
  • I wipe down the bathroom fixtures daily so I no longer have to worry if a guest wants to use the bathroom
  • I empty the dishwasher which my husband runs at bedtime, while I’m making morning coffee and dishes no longer linger on the counter or sink, since there’s an empty dishwasher waiting to receive them

Those three things make a huge difference in my life. They are the foundation for my day. I created the routine by adding to what I already was doing. First, I added flossing after brushing my teeth. After that was established, I added wiping down the fixtures. At about the same time, I added unloading the dishwasher to my coffee-making routine, something I also did daily.

Are there beneficial habits that you could add to the things you’re already doing? Is there anything you could do directly after brushing your teeth, for instance? Or while you make coffee? Or right after you get out of bed?

Pairing new habits with established ones can create routines that make your life easier. And don’t we all want an easier life?


Janine Adams is a messy professional organizer who loves helping others create order. The co-founder of Declutter Happy Hour, she believes in having as much fun as possible in the organizing process. Check out her web site at Peace of Mind Organizing!

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