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How to organize kitchen cabinets.

How oh how to organize kitchen cabinets. Have plenty shelves n space but get ‘out of sorts’ keeping bowls, etc.  Organizing items in kitchen cabinets is partly simple and straight forward and then some of it is complicated and challenging even for the most organized person. Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and mugs are all very […]

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How do I organize a reach in closet for a maried couple?

Whether you have a reach-in or a walk-in, the organizing begins with dividing the space. Once you decide if you’re splitting the space 50/50 or some other percentage ratio, you can start planning the closet. Reach-in closets are usually between  four-feet to 8-feet across. In order to make the most of this small space for two people, […]

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I have a large collection of cook books. I want to display and have these available in my kitchen any ideas?

There are many options for storing cookbooks in a kitchen, but a lot depends on your kitchen design. One of my favorite ways to create space for cookbooks is to hang a shelf above a doorway. They can be very decorative and all you need is a step stool to reach the ones you want. If […]

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hooks for sports equipment

What can I use to organize our athletics equipment in our garage? Such as lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks?

Large athletic equipment can be a real challenge to store. One of the simplest ways to store lacrosse and hockey sticks is to use a tall garbage can and stand everything upright in it. If you would like to get them off of the floor, there are several options of hook systems you can attach […]

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How can I organize my 4yr olds toys that isn’t tacky and won’t stick out like a sore thumb like most toy organization systems do?

Your challenge is to find containers that go with your sense of style.There are many ways to use ordinary living room and den furniture to store toys. You can hide toys in end tables with drawers, coffee tables with pull out baskets or drawers, and ottomans with removable lids.     You can put children’s toy […]

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How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house?

How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house (for school)? Its through the garage that opens into my kitchen! You’ve got the entry way blues.. a common ailment of parents around the world. The secret to keeping it organized is: follow the traffic pattern. Where do people naturally want to drop […]

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How to Store Bills

Harris Interactive reports that 23 percent of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them. Dealing with bills can feel like a never-ending battle. They come in, you have to put them somewhere, then you have to pay them, then you have to store them, then more come in. To […]

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Need to store my bikes in the garage

U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25% of people with two-car garages fill it with too much stuff that they can’t park a car inside Getting bicycles organized can be a daunting experience. When I was a kid, as far as I know, there weren’t any fancy gadgets for getting bicycles off the floor and out of the way. Today […]

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How to change your clothing with the seasons

How to change your closet with the seasons The leaves are changing color. The nights are getting cooler. And it’s time to break out some warmer clothes. If you live in a climate with seasonal changes, and you don’t have a large enough closet to fit all of your clothes, you need to do a […]

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How to organize, QUICKLY, the years of stored and collected personal papers like bank statements, important docs etc?

The quickest way I know to organize old papers is to categorize them using the broadest category as possible to sort the papers. For example, bank statements would be filed by bank and year. (Example: Suntrust/2011)  Put all of your bank statements into a shoe-box or a file folder marked with the year and store […]

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