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How do you store all of your odd shaped bakeware pans?

Since the holidays will be here before you know it, it’s always a great time to take stock of your baking tools and organize the lot. Baking pans are especially tricky because even though they’re light, they are not friendly stackers. Fortunately, there are so many ways to organize this delightful kitchen category. 1. Installing […]

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Storage for 25 purses, want to see them at a glance for quick choosing to carry

Ahhhhh, purses. They are a joy for so many of my clients but can be a burden and just plain frustrating if the storage / display solution isn’t effective. I would first decide if you can store them in your closet or bedroom? Where do you have the most space? If you want to store […]

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What is my best solution for organizing snacks, cereals, etc. inside a kitchen cabinet? We have several different shape bags of individual snacks and treats

Three words: Measure, measure measure. No pantry shelf is the same—even some of your pantry shelves could be varying lengths and depths. Before going out and purchasing containers that don’t fit the space, measure your pantry. You’ll next want to count the types of snacks, cereals and other items you typically keep on stock (you […]

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What do I do with school papers?

There are a few questions you’ll have to answer to determine which solution will work best: 1. Where do you do your homework? In the kitchen? In the home office? In your bedroom? 2. Are you constantly needing items signed and reviewed by a parental guardian? 3. What are your retention guidelines? Do you keep […]

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How Do You Store Headbands?

I would love to have the perfect solution for you but unfortunately my collection of headbands totals three (and they don’t need to be accessible) which means they live in a drawer in the linen closet—not such a great solution for storing an entire collection of headbands! So I put my thinking cap on while […]

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How Do I Organize My 2 Car Garage?

Oh man how I love organizing a garage. It’s usually bulky stuff which makes the job go fast. Or just the opposite, you’ll find yourself needing homes for tiny bits and pieces (like tools and hardware) that are therapeutic to sort. But hopefully, there will be lots of expired and old items that you can […]

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Setting up An Office to Also Function as a Guest Room

Most home offices these days also need to function as an entirely separate space—housed all within one room. I always suggest folks make a list of what they envision for the space; accounting for your specific needs. Make sure to anticipate the needs of your guests as well. After assessing what the requirements for the […]

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What is the Best Way to Store Canned Foods?

This is a great category to get organized! Not only are canned goods a bit of a challenge (it’s hard to see what you have at a glance and folks typically over buy for this exact reason). When you’re coming up with an organizing solution for your canned goods, think about how many you typically […]

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Organizing Your Holiday Card Send Out

For me, the time change always signifies the beginning of the holiday season (that and Starbucks red coffee cups). And with this busy time comes the annual question… to send out holiday cards or just receive? Take a look at these tips for organizing your holiday card send out (and let me know how you […]

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Limited drawer space in kitchen. How can each drawer store more?

Drawer space can be tricky because our go-to organizing tools that maximize space (like shelf risers and hooks) are rendered useless in this arena. I would say that adjustable drawer organizers will be your new best friend as well as open containers for corralling the small stuff. If you find that drawer dividers take up […]

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