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How do I organize photos…I have thousands!

Since you have thousands to look through, I would suggest doing a first pass with the photos which will allow you to see what categories you have (and which ones are a priority to get in order). Set aside an afternoon, pull up a favorite playlist on iTunes and get started. You’ll need some no-frills […]

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My Mom Needs Help Organizing Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry (while a luxury) can quickly become a burden if it’s not run like a well-oiled machine. With so much space, all of the shelves in the walk-in can attract clutter in no time if not zoned out properly. I like to organize a walk-in pantry similar to a grocery store with each […]

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5 Ways to Make Garage Organization F-U-N!

The garage often gets overlooked when it comes to getting organized (mainly because no one spends time in this room) but it’s need for operating efficiently is paramount. It’s also the dirtiest part of the house and things tend to pile up here so it’s super important to make this organizing project fun. That way […]

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How do I organize towels in the laundry room – I only have one shelf?

First things first–determine how many towels you need (a family of 4 needs no more than 8-12 towels). And since you’re extra tight on space, you’ll want beach towels to pull double duty and have some act as regular towels. There are plenty of ways to fold a towel but here’s my advice: towels are […]

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6 Things To Include in a ‘No Fuss’ Entry

Not every entryway is created equal—leaving us homeowners and renters left to decide how to make this small space functional. When we moved into our apartment, there was barely an entryway to speak of. The front door literally opens to the living room. But I love a challenge and made the most of our ‘faux […]

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My daughter has about 25 barbies and lots of stuff. I need a way to organize them with all the assorted shoes, etc. Any thoughts?

When thinking of storage options for your child’s Barbie collection, you’ll want to make sure you include her in the organizing process. That way, she’ll have a sense of ownership and be more likely to keep up the system. One of the most important questions to ask her is how would she like the clothes […]

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5 Things You Can Purge From Your Home… Right Now

Even though I’ve never been to your home, I bet there are 5 categories of belongings that you could purge right now. And while I usually promote taking the time to organize an entire zone, cabinet or drawer, it’s always helpful to start small and maintain your collections of things. Purging these items can also […]

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What’s the best way to organize my jewelry? The jewelry box just doesn’t work–too small and I cant see my jewelry.

You’re in luck as the options are endless for displaying jewelry so that it’s accessible and easy to manage–and most solutions are budget friendly to boot. You’ll first want to ask yourself these questions to assess and determine your best storage options. How many necklaces do you have? Are they mostly delicate, mostly costume (chunky) […]

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I need help organizing my craft room! Where do I start?

The challenge with organizing a craft room is usually all the small odds and ends that need to have a home so that you can find them when you need them. I also find that one has to come up with solutions for housing odd-sized items like poster-board paper and tools. Using the organizing principle, […]

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5 Steps to An Organized Closet

One of my favorite jobs as a Professional Organizer is getting a call from a client to organize a closet. Whether it’s the entryway, clothes or office storage closet, it’s super rewarding and often-times, a one day job. And when a client sees quick results, they are often inspired to keep it up and it […]

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