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Blogging 047

Under Cabinet Clear Out

I'm feeling good about 2010. The closets have been purged and organized. There's room for both the seasonal clothes and the mother-in law quilts in the spare closet and there' no spare furniture in the garage. My latest challenge was some of the small spaces. Bathroom Blues I got some great advice: Clear it Out! […]

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Clean room

Designer Walls for Teens

Recently I wrote about how a garage sale got the ball rolling in getting a teenager's room in order. I received a few comments on the color and decor on the walls and thought I'd share. I have a demanding teenager (aren't they all). She wanted a designer room, a better place to do homework and a […]

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Blogging 020

Bathroom Blues

The "Life is Changing" saga continues. The big spaces, like the bedrooms and garage have been tidied, but there's alot of work to do in a couple closets. But more troubling is under the cabinets. How can a space so small gather such an array of clutter?  Situation: two girls shared a bathroom. Older daughter moved […]

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Blogging 013

Garage Sale Results

We had a beautiful day for our garage sale and we have a little beautiful cash in our pockets.    Helpful hints: Serious garage and yard salers get up with the roosters. Be set up by 6:30 AM. Ask a couple neighbors to join in and split the cost of a newspaper advertisement. Create bright visible […]

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Blogging 014

Pre-Garage Sale

We've been really busy with college visits and out-of-town guests, but we’re finally getting organized for our Garage Sale. My husband and I decided to divide and conquer. He took the garage and miscellaneous shelves/storage areas in the house while I weeded through closets, one by one. My husband did a good job cleaning up […]

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Life is Changing – Introduction

I really like to have everything in order. I want every closet, cabinet and drawer to have a specific use, but you know, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Busy schedules, family priorities and lazy procrastination gets in the way of the ideal state. Now I have a new reason for things to be a mess […]

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Race for the cure cape

Rubbermaid Organizers to Race for the Cure

My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so it was really great to be a part of the Rubbermaid team who took part in the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure event in Charlotte, near our home office. An enthusiastic group of 2-legged and 4-legged friends took off for a brisk 5K walk through […]

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