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2010 blog 001

Office Organization

Sticking with my organizational list to-do list….January was time to tackle the office. Our filing cabinet had become so full that we couldn't even slide the file folders. Putting things away had become a hassle and taking things out was even worse. We had way too much stuff in way too many folders. And so, […]

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Halloween 035

Ode to the Roughneck Tote

I'd like to raise a toast to the good old 68L (18 Gallon) Roughneck Storage Tote. This little tank is the strongest storage box on the market and has served me well in the many posts I deploy it. Yes I work for the company but before you write me off as a shameless self-promoter….let me […]

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October 007

Basement Storage – Episode II

By now many of you have heard about my organizational to-do list. Basically I preplanned the projects I should be doing in advance and now I'm trying to stay on schedule. Some tasks require large scale organization endeavors, while others are merely upkeep. For November I tackled my basement. Down in the dungeon (it's unfinished) I'm […]

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October 012

Linen Closet

According to my organizational to-do list (check out that post…its one of my best) the Fall was the time to face my linen closet. A year earlier I'd organized it with the Rubbermaid Configurations Closet line which gave me the flexibility to use the space differently in the Summer versus the Winter. The problem was […]

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October 001

My Wife’s Tidy Closet

Sometimes silence is more effective then words. In my last blog post I talked about how messiness had returned to my wife's closet despite the Configurations makeover we'd given it over a year ago.   I asked people if I should take comfort in the fact that 'at least' she could now close her door […]

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Sarah'sBday 007

My Wife’s Messy Closet

What’s the difference between a strategic withdrawal and an outright surrender? More specifically, should I be happy that my wife’s mess is contained behind bi-fold closet doors or should I press on….striving for the nirvana of a reformed and cheerily organized wife? Way back in June 2008 boasted about how I’d convinced my wife to […]

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Airing out Sports Equipment

In any thorough ranking of unpleasant smells, recently used hockey gloves must be near the top of the list. Closely followed by shoulder pads. To be honest all sports equipment smells disgusting after the game / practice. It needs to be aired out. When I was a kid my mother set up a wire hanging […]

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The to-do list

Do you ever wonder how you were able to find the focus and stamina to bang out that twenty-five page essay the night before it was due? How about the ability to pack all of your belongings the morning before your friends arrive to help you move? The answer is urgency. In some cases urgency […]

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Rubbermaid Canisters and Compost Waste

After a brief and inexcusable absence…your Canadian Rubbermaid Blogger from Toronto is back. Recently, my wife and I befriended an American couple who had moved to our fair city from Chicago. When I asked them to name the things they found the “strangest” they, without hesitation listed two: the rigorous rules on sorting trash/recycling and […]

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Maximizing Limited Closet Space

Let’s face it; the average person’s storage space is no match for the amount of stuff they want to store. The problem is especially hard for urban dwellers like myself. Are we then all sentenced to a life of clutter?

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