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Laundry Room - Junk Draws 005

Organizing Junk Drawer

In a previous blog I talked about reorganzing my Laundry Room.  Well, that led to reorganizing my kitchen junk drawer.  I was able to take a lot of what was in there and add them to the Clever Store containers in the Laundry Room as well as tossing what wasn't needed.  It took me about 20 […]

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Laundry Room - Junk Draws 007

Organizing the Laundry Room

For months now I've been wanting my husband to help me straighten out the Laundry Room.  He has a lot of things in there that either needed to be tossed or could go into our newly organized shed.  He kept saying we'll get to it…blah, blah, blah.  So I decided last Saturday that if he […]

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Drawer Organizing 2

Knives organized at last!!

I have been dealing with my knife drawer for a long time.  I'm always afraid I'm going to cut myself trying to get a knife out of the drawer.  A lot of them are over a foot long and regular cutlery or silverware trays are not long enough to hold them.  Then I got the Rubbermaid No […]

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Shed 003

Shedding a/k/a – Organizing the Shed – Part 1

So…we've had this ongoing project of rebuilding our shed and then organizing it for the past few years.  Well, I am excited to say that this is the YEAR!!  We're about to put the finishing touches on the outside and will then be ready to start organizing what's already in the shed and what needs to go […]

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Clara before Filing Blog 001

Getting Out from Behind that Mountain of Paper

I have the bad habit of creating piles of paper, i.e., old paid bills, medical reimbursement claim forms, bank statements, etc.  Mind you, I have a two-drawer filing cabinet in my bedroom.  In the top drawer I have folders, filed alphabetically by name of bill, insurance company, mortgage, etc.  In the bottom drawer I have manufacturer's […]

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