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How to Unclutter with Evernote and Rubbermaid in 4 Steps

Evernote recently contacted us at Rubbermaid about working on an organizational project. In case you didn't know, Rubbermaid is great for organizing your stuff and Evernote is great at organizing information electronically so you don't forget anything. So could we combine these two? Evernote decided to try! They organized their storage closet and it turned out great! […]

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Organizing Your Shoes

My mom will tell you that shoes are an organization problem for me. I never put them away and am constantly running around the house looking for the pair of shoes that I want. She has yelled at me a thousand times as she has tripped over a pair of shoes. I recently moved (AGAIN!!! […]

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TakeAlong Fun Lunch-1 copy

Calling All Bloggers to TakeAlong a Fun Lunch

Sorry all our samples were used for this project 馃檨 Hey all you fabulous bloggers out there, Jim, Lauren and I have got some great news…we're looking for bloggers to write about how to We are going to be sending samples of our new and improved TakeAlong food storage containers and new Blue Ice Fun Shapes. […]

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Getting Motivated…when the clutter is too much

I have always been amazed at those shows where people have stuff all over their house. It is so disorganized that they can barely walk from room to room. The ones that pile things on their bed and still slept in it always amused me. I never understood how they could live that way let […]

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Mixing Beverages

When I started working here at Rubbermaid, I went through all of our products to familiarize myself with them. When I came upon our Mixing Pitcher, I believe my exclamation to my cubemate Alyssa was"I DIDN'T KNOW YOU MADE THOSE! I LOVE THIS PITCHER!" And the truth is my mom has been using one for […]

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Moving Advice

I HATE moving. And I have had to do it a lot lately with almost no end in sight. Plus, it is not just me moving in and out of apartments, but my parents moving to different states. Needless to say I am amazed that I am able to find any of my things any […]

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Chandra EFL

Easy Find Lids Contest

So, I could not help it but share some more stories from our Easy Find Lids contest. They are just awesome! Some Good Advice   Chandra says I used Easy find lid containers to store leftovers, fresh cut fruits, yogurt,take food to office,school,It's very easy to store and no odor.         Ruth […]

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Rubbermaid History

I just started working at Rubbermaid and am absolutely fascinated by its history. Here are somethings that I have learned about the company. (This is basically what I find interesting and not a full history like the one you can find here) The company started in 1927 when two men from the Wear-Ever pots and pans […]

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Softball Tournament Update – Marketing Won!

So this has nothing to do about organizing but I wanted to announce that the Marketing team beat the Executives in the final of our softball tournament last night! (I am not sure how this will effect our jobs but we shall see…just kiddding!!!) Here is the winning team putting their arms around the players […]

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Put Me In Coach!

Yesterday evening was the kick off of the Rubbermaid Huntersville Office softball tournament. It was a great time to hang out with fellow employees, play some softball and eat hot dogs! Now organizing an entire office to play a game of softball takes some work. So here are some tips and ideas that we use. The […]

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