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Junk Drawers – The Finished Project

I finally took some time this weekend to organize my version of a junk drawer. I filmed the results so you could see what I did! Now I just have to get in the habit so keeping these containers organized!

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The Consumer Queen’s Garage – The Professional Organizer’s View

As I have mentioned before, professional organizer Melissa Smallwood of Organized Life by Design volunteered her services to help the Consumer Queen organize her garage. Now that the Consumer Queen's garage is decluttered, she was able to send Melissa her garage dimensions and a better idea of what needed to go in the space. Melissa […]

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Organizing your Dishwasher – Time Saving Tip

For the past week I have been trying this tip I found at 5 Dollar Dinners – and it REALLY WORKS! It works for me because it is simple and quick. When loading your dishwasher, put all like silverware in the same compartment. Knives go in one compartment, forks in another, and so on. It […]

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CQ Garage Sale

Consumer Queen Garage Makeover – Getting rid of the junk

The Consumer Queen is working hard with her garage makeover. As professional organizer Melissa Smallwood advised (see this post), the Consumer Queen is starting with decluttering. She has started to go through her garage and get rid of the junk – with a garage sale. Check out her garage sale and her progress!

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Junk Drawers – Organizing, Categorizing, and Separating

I finally found sometime this weekend to begin tackling my "junk drawers." I decided to do some research beyond the AWESOME comments that my other post left to find out just where to start. I stumbled on Christine Kane's blog post about what your junk drawer can teach you about success. This post made me […]

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6-9-2009 9-49-29 AM

Consumer Queen Garage Makeover – Step One is De-cluttering!

The first step of any organizing project (after admitting the problem exists) is to DECLUTTER! Melissa Smallwood from Organized Life By Design offered the Consumer Queen these tips for Decluttering: Problem Area:  GarageUltimate goal for space:  clean, organized storage, safe for kids to use space for games and crafts, room to park vehicle Group like […]

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6-9-2009 9-50-37 AM

The Consumer Queen’s Garage

For those of you who missed Jim Deitzel's post linking to a video of Melissa's (aka The Consumer Queen) garage, you need to go check it out. Her garage was an absolute mess (no offense Melissa!). Here are a few pictures.                          She was pleading for help from Rubbermaid to get her garage organized. This […]

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Stories about food storage organization from

My fellow Adventures in Organization blogger Jim Deitzel blogged a few days ago about Rubbermaid's new website where you can share stories about your food storage organization (his post is here). I have exponentially enjoyed reading everyone's stories about their successes and challenges organizing their food storage containers. Some have made me laugh and others gave great […]

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My Version of a Junk Drawer…Help Me!

I was talking to my cubical mate at work the other day and she said something that inspired me. “Junk drawers are a great place to start organizing. You can finish it quickly and feel satisfied.” Brilliant! I was inspired to go organize my junk drawers until…drum roll…I realized I did not have any. As […]

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